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I’m a successful Learning & Development Professional with more than 10 years of experience a global experience in the Learning field. I master the Full Learning cycle, E-Learning Development, Culture Change, LMS Management, Talent Management, Digital Communication, Content Translation, Team, SME and Stakeholder Management. To better do my job I´ve developed additional technical skills such as Project Management, Web Development, Video and Image Production.  I am a dynamic and a vastly versatile Philomath, who uniquely combines the ability to create and translate strategy into quantifiable actions and results.  I’m also organised with great attention to detail, persistence and objectivity.
Where I work I’m renowned for proactivity, integrity, warmth and an open and collaborative leadership style through projects implementation. I’m passionate, highly motivated and motivating, innovative and positive in my approach. I’ve done ERASMUS and ERASMUS MUNDUS – this added so much to my professional and personal journey. Perhaps that’s why I assume myself as a “citizen of the world”. To me the word “Job” cannot ever be separated from the following ones: create, energise, engage, build, enhance, grow, learn and share! 

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