LEARNing Path For Professional 21st Century LEARNing By ICT PracTICE Concept | LEARNing To LEARN | eSkills

In 21st Century LEARNers Know THEIR LEARNing Path. WHAT is "Professional LEARNing"!? Well, it is DIFFERENT from normal (?) LEARNing  as it provides the Students, LEARNers THE "LEARNing Path" and... Sourced through from: See on - (E)-Learning & Development


The Rise Of Informal Learning

Want to know why your employees learn more through Informal Learning? Check why you need to empower DIY learners and fully support Informal Learning. Fonte: The Rise Of Informal Learning

The Temporal Perspective in Higher Education Learners: Comparisons between Online and Onsite Learning

See on - TIC: Educação - Ensino - Aprendizagem- Inclusão Higher Education increases flexibility with online learning solutions. Nevertheless, dropout rates in online university are large. See on