Digital Video – An interactive ebook for teachers

The book focuses on practical ways teachers can explore and exploit the potential of the vast web-based video resources that now exist on the internet. In addition to this the book offers guidance on how to encourage students to use video as a creative tool that can support their language learning.
The book has 10 chapters beyond the introduction. These chapters focus on a range practical , theoretical and technical issues which should help the reader to fully utilise digital video in a range of contexts from the classroom, blended learning and all the way through to fully online delivery.
The book contains:
-: 315 full colour illustrations
-: 26 embedded video tutorials
-: 42 detailed activities with materials and links
-: 17 Cool tools with step by step illustrated guides, video tutorials, suggested activities and getting started suggestions
-: 70 pages of reviewed links to tools and resources
-: Detailed tips and advice on pedagogically related aspects from choosing a clip and task design to paradigms for building video into your syllabus through a range of up to date approaches.
-: An interactive glossary

Sourced through Scoop.it from: itunes.apple.com

The first in my series of independently published ebooks for teachers.

See on Scoop.itTIC: Educação – E-Learning – Aprendizagem- Inclusão


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