What Teachers Need to Know about The New Google Play for Education ~ Educational Technology and Mobile Learning

What Teachers Need to Know about The New Google Play for Education ~ Educational Technology and Mobile Learning

Pad’s monopoly of the ‘ school tablet market ‘ is being compromised now after the announcement of Google Play for Education. Google seems to be moving towards displacing Apple’s hegemony of this market by providing a suite of productivity management apps made specifically for teachers and students.

What is Google Play for Education ?

Google Play for Education is a new education program released by Google in their recent annual developer conference. This program is geared towards helping teachers organize, manage and share apps and other learning content with their students. It also aims at simplifying content searching for schools and giving teachers and students access to the same tools that are found now in Google Play Store.

What is the importance of this new program for us in education ?

Here is a set of the facts you need to know about Google Play for Education :

 Google Play for Education is an app store designed specifically for educators and teachers.
Apps are arranged and organized by categories such as age range , grade level and other criteria
Apps provided in this app store are already pre-approved by other educators
Teachers can rate apps , see reviews written by other teachers and also recommend them to their colleagues

How does Google Play for Education work for schools ?

Teachers need to set up a Google Group for their class on Google Apps and hook the students tablet to it. With their Android- enabled tablets hooked to the Class account on Google Apps, teachers can easily share apps with all the tablets associated with that account.
To face the problem of payments, Google allowed for bulk purchase. ” Schools can load accounts with funds for the app store , so a teacher can automatically deduct from that balance if they wish to license a classroom-amount of a paid apps.


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